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Company Overview

Popsiebelle is an innovative children’s brand of tactile accessories coupling whimsical design with educational undertones. The brand revolves around Popsiebelle’s namesake: a fanciful young girl with the most vibrant imagination. Her imagination takes her on a whirlwind of magical adventures filled with strange, wondrous and beautiful creatures. Every character is brought to life in our product line – each hand-made with the greatest love and care. Ultimately, we hope our products will ignite imagination and storytelling between the young and young at heart.

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  • Popsiebelle upopsie alphabet bag
    R120.00 Popsiebelle Upopsie A...
  • Popsiebelle upopsie we love africa bag
    R120.00 Popsiebelle: Upopsie ...
  • Popsiebelle upopsie 30cm pillow
    R120.00 Popsiebelle:Upopsie 3...
  • Popsiebelle upopsie bag
    R120.00 Popsiebell: Upopsie Bag
  • Loubellesfront
    R275.00 Popsiebelle Loubelle'...